Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kenya Blogs on the Post-Election Crisis

Performance scholar Tavia N'yongo, who is also one half of the creative force behind of the Bluegum music and culture blog, recently sent photos from the protest by Kenyans for peace and democracy in front of the United Nations in New York City on January 3rd. Then I read on Bold As Love that Tavia had started a blog on the current crisis surrounding the recent Kenyan elections, Kenya Patriot (subtitled: "Democracy in Kenya ... Sunrise or Sunset?"). Bold As Love noted another blog on the crisis as well, Kenyan Emergency (subtitled: "A Political Mugging in God's Own Country."). This site is authored by Emeka Okafor who also has a blog on African entrepreneurship, which like Bold As Love was recently noted by for its contributions to the blogsphere. In addition, there is of course Gukira's blog, the origin date of which predates current events by a number of years. In keeping with his usually rich meditative eloquence, and incisive eye he has written lately of the issues of responsibility and the potential human failings amongst even those for whom he has great respect and love. (above right, Kenyan protest outside the United Nations; photo courtesy Afrofuturist)

I briefly looked for some Kenyan women bloggers on the KenyaUnlimited Blogs Aggregator and found R's What An African Woman Thinks which lists posts under the days of the week, but no dates. R, the author, is currently living in Kenya.

I send thoughts for peace.

Update 1/7/2007
e-drum listserv moderator Kalamu ya Salaam has recommended these two blogs as well:
A photoblog: INSIGHT KENYA
An ongoing report from a Kenyan blogger focused on the complexities of the current socio-economic and political situation tHinNker'S rOoM

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