Saturday, December 15, 2007

St. Clair Bourne + Floyd Red Crow Westerman: R.I.P.

While I recognize that it's selfish of me to want to ask that cultural pioneers and activists/open-hearted creative souls/ and/or friends take a moratorium on leaving this plane for the next, just for a little while--that's exactly what I feel like asking for.

It would pretty much be at the top of my Christmas list if I were still a kid who made one.

Vaya con los Espíritus, señores...

St. Clair Bourne 1943 - 2007
Chester Higgins Jr.'s New York Times profile of noted filmmaker St. Clair Bourne (right, photo: Chester Higgins, Jr.) from 2006, and a video interview of Bourne from their Lens Photojournalism series from the same year.

December 17th update:
Further information from the December 16th IndieWire article: "Remembering St. Clair Bourne 1943-2007."

December 18th update:
• Obituaries from The New York Times Arts Section, New York Daily News, The New York Observer,'s "What the Flick?" column
• Filmmaker AJ Schnack's All These Wonderful Things blogpost on Bourne which lists quotes from and links to other artist-blogger's memories and impressions of Bourne.
Filmmaker Magazine's Blog entry from a notice sent them by Adrienne Jones of the New York-based Black Documentary Collective (BDC), founded by Bourne.
• GreenCine's blog notice, compiled from the IndieWire article, Schnack's blog and which points to (as does Filmmaker Magazine and All These Wonderful Things)...
Renew Media's obituary listing written by Agnes Varnum
• "St. Clair Bourne's Shortlist" of documentary films that inspired him, and why from 17 July 2007 at MediaRights "media that matters."
Black Talent News' listing which eerily reprints Bourne's last blog entry describing the brain surgery which was to be minimally invasive and apparently successfully removed a benign tumor. Sadly, there were complications during his post-operative recovery.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman 1936 - 2007
The and Rapid City Journal staff obituary for the actor, singer-songwriter, and political activist who was 71 years old when passed away on December 14th after a long illness.

December 18th Update: Westerman's agent has stated that the cause of artist/activist's death was leukemia.

Washington Post obituary
Indian Country Today story
Native listing
New York Times Arts section obituary
RezNet News listing with youtube video of Westerman performance

Testimony: Floyd Red Crow Westerman, World Uraniam Hearings, 15 September 1992, Salzburg, Austria.
• Floyd Red Crow Westerman, A Tribute to Johnny Cash (2006, Hen House Studios). Westerman's award-winning CD of Cash covers, in honor of the fellow songwriter who was of Cherokee heritage and a life-long supporter of Native/American Indian rights (available through CD Baby).

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