Thursday, September 06, 2007


Friday, September 7, 8:00pm - 9:00pm

The HOWL Festival and Wash and Dry Productions Present:

Conducted by Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris
Klean and Kleaner
173 East 2nd Street bet Avenues A & B

The Poets:
Nora McCarthy
Jessica Eubanks
Helga Davis
Chavisa Woods
Jameel Hobbins
David Devoe
Alexander Bilu

The fun and revealing theme for this Friday's performance:

Airing, Cleaning and Drying "DIRTY LAUNDRY"

Please come by and to witness another first - you never know what
will transpire when Butch Morris works his magic. Interview with Morris.


Sunday, September 16, 3pm
The Family Stand's Peter Lord & V. Jeffrey Smith
interviewed by Michaela angela Davis, whom BoldasL!VE bills as, "'Urbanista' and Hip Hop Fashion Feminist." Sounds from The Family Stand's latest release, Super Sol Nova, are available on both their website and that of BoldasL!VE, and for purchase as an import and iTunes download. (pictured The Family Stand, l-r Peter Lord, Sandra St. Victor, V. Jeffrey Smith; photo: Donald Andrew Agarrat)

Brooklyn Lyceum
227 4th Ave @ President Street
Park Slope, Brooklyn
$8 (children under 13 FREE!)
M or R train to Union Street


Monday, September 17
Tenderhead's new CD OOZE drops.

A little taste of Tenderhead (fronted by the multi-talented Shena Verrett) doing "Over" live @ Knitting Factory in 2006. Their previous CD, Psickcevyn -Ate is still available at at CDBaby (love 'em!).

UPDATE: The OOZE release date is now September 30th. Yeah, Ms. Verrett is going to make us wait. But when it's right it's ready, and when it's ready it's right. Right?


Thursday, September, 20 + Sunday, September, 23
Brandon Ross curates:"OUT ON A LIMB" Solo Series@ ROSE Live Music
345 Grand St. (between Havemeyer & Marcy Sts.),
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Cost : $10.

Thursday, September, 20, starts @ 9:00PM
MELVIN GIBBS - solo electric bass; CARLO VUTERA - acapella Tenor vocal. 2 individual sets: VUTERA @ 9:00 PM; GIBBS @ 9:45 PM Improvised DUET w/ GIBBS & VUTERA @ 10:30!! Rare/Debut SOLO Performances. MODERN CHAMBER MUSIC ADVANCES IN Brooklyn...

Sunday, September, 23, 9:00PM
Very special evening conducted by Butch Morris. Stomu Takeishi - acoustic bass guitar; Charles Burnham - violin/mandolin; Timothy Hill - harmonic/overtone vocals; JT Lewis - drums; Carlo Vutera - tenor vocal; Melvin Gibbs - electric bass; BUTCH MORRIS - CONDUCTING. Be There for THIS one!

and because you're always going to be missing something in NYC...Joe's Pub & Shrine both offering great shows on the same day (Oh, to be Hiro of HEROES!)

Friday, September, 21
425 Lafayette St.
NY, New York
Cost : $15

Friday September 21
Ben Tyree (jazz guitar) and Will Martina (cello) 8pm
DEVI (guitarist Debra DeSalvo's Power Trio, w/ guest Therese Workman of OMG) 9pm
@ Shrine
2271 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
(between 133 and 134 St)
Harlem, NY

Choices, Choices, Choices....

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