Saturday, April 19, 2008

UBIQUITA NYC...Presents...the chil'ren of...

Courtesy of Olive and Hanifah over at U People:

The Queens Daughters: Women Who Rock With A Little Bit of Soul....

Again, if only I didn't need to sleep...

But hopefully someone will write a banging post about this show (OH! INDUSTRY ? Bold As Love? ) Here's where we have a moment of silence for the departed Bluegum, but hope that former Bluegummers Tavia Nyong'o (NightShift Chronicles, Tropical Mint) or Kandia Crazy Horse (San Francisco Bay Guardian) will attend this show and write about it on one of their other music/culture criticism outlets.

Oh, what am I going on about? Dang, dontcha know?

The folks over at UBIQUITA NYC are paying homage to the original black rock sistahgirl supergroup : Labelle!!

Saturday, May 10th
The Queen's Daughters: Celebrating Women Who Rock with a Touch of Soul: Honoring the Musical Legacy of Labelle .

Who's on the bill?
Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe
and....all the way from the ATL...
JOI! (no lie!)

UPDATE 5/7/08: recently added: Angela Johnson and Stephanie McKay.

UBIQUITY ain't playing, OK well their DJ's are playing to warm you up for the ladies...cause if you ain't warmed up when they hit the stage you might hurt yourself, y'know?

The Grand Ballroom at The Manhattan Center
311 West 34th Street, Corner of 8th Avenue
• Doors open @ 6:45pm for VIP pre-show reception;
• 7:45pm for General Admission;
• Show starts @ 8:30pm
• $30 VIP Ticket Code: VQD777 | $20 GA Ticket Code: QD777
(both are a deal compared to the Manhattan Center price)
Tickets available through Ticketmaster.

Or (if you want to avoid the Ticketmaster, ahem, service charge), purchase tickets directly through the Manhattan Center: call 212-279-7740. Ask to speak to Mia, Lena, or DeVash.


Christiane John Wikane's 30 October 2006 PopMatters article which asks, where is the "black female presence in rock music."

Some aural goodness from the high energy & sweet-spirited Stephanie McKay, "Take Me Over":

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