Monday, June 25, 2007

Gay Pride NYC 2007

OK, so here's my first NYC Gay Pride. Spectacle, spectacle, spectacle... The last time I saw that long an enumeration of Religious Groups was during a major ice storm in Atlanta. So many church schools were closed they ran out of scroll space at the bottom of the screen, and newscasters had to ask viewers to check the news station's website. I imagine the numbers this year (29 listed on the March website and longer than any other section) were due to both of the Parade Grand Marshals being religious leaders: Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum and Reverend Dr. Troy Perry.

Finally, at the end of the religious section two marchers dressed in long black robes and enormous golden bishops hats with mouths on them where a face would be. In one hand they each carried long staffs with golden dollar signs on top, with the other they manipulated their giant mouths in a mime of lip service.

The only section to rival the Religious Groups section was the one for People of color. This section also included Religious Groups like the Lavender Light Choir, and Rebohoth Temple Christ Conscious Church(22). The HIV/AIDS section was also large (20) But I was cheering them too hard to remember to take pictures. I realized today I didn't have any except for the one you see below.

Truly, there were a number of marchers in the Religious Group sections that looked uncomfortable to be there. Perhaps flagging attendance and less than full coffers led to some church boards ordering their parishioners to hit the parade to get some rumps, even if they're rumpshakers, in the seats. On the other hand, every time I saw a black church pass by and those like Riverside that actually came with a float I was moved. Another interesting moment, the folks from the various Jewish temples handing out fans for Jewish singles nights and cards for Temple info didn't pass me by because phenotypically I didn't seem like a potential Jew (yes, Virginia, Marian Anderson's grandfather was a Black Jew).

OK, spectacle, spectacle,

OK onto the show:


Bisexuals (were they all away for the weekend?):

People of Color:
African American Lesbians (again, where were folks...?)

Las Buenas Amigas (Latina Lesbians)

Las Reinas:

A somber moment as the parade stalled on Christopher Street:

Lesbian & gay police officers who were visibly moved by our cheers:

Some sexy EMS Technicians work it out:

Pretty, pretty...

The Jubilant crowd on Christopher St. at the corner of Gay St. (of course I had to take a picture...)


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